TMC Particle Lab
Free version for Windows Desktop
(includes 3 free GML Exports)

TMC Particle Lab Free v0_0_87
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TMC Particle Lab is a Visual Particle Effect designer made for Yoyo Games GameMaker Studio.

Create advanced particle effects within minutes, using multiple Particle Systems, Emitters and Particle Types. 
Crosslink the systems simply by dragging and dropping them onto each other. Tweak and twist every available Particle option with ease. 
When you're happy with the effect, just hit 'Export as GML' and import it into GameMaker Studio.

Simply import it into the TMC Particle Lab Effects asset found in the Yoyo Games Marketplace to recreate your effect exactly as your built it!




- add multiple Particle Systems, Emitters and Particle Types 
- link the systems by drag'n'drop 
- easy resizing of emitter region 
- touch friendly interface with layered menu system 
- dynamic workspace : adjusts automatically to resolution on mobile, reisze window on Windows Desktop
- use your own particle images* (Windows, Android)
- delete, copy and renaming of all objects 
- over 20 awesome effect templates 
- Death/Step particle loop detection 
- Hide/Show GUI for fullscreen preview 
- Save/Load projects 
- Export as GML for GameMaker Studio 
- Integrated online sharing of project files and GML exports (iOS,Android)
- 30 Custom particle Sprites 

*To import your own images for particles on Android, put them this folder on your SD Card: TMCParticleLab/CustomSprites/ to make them appear in the app.

The default project contains 1 Particle System, 1 Emitter and 1 Particle. Tap and hold to move them around. Single tap to open the object menu. Use the menus for detailed options. Use the Main Menu to add more objects. 
Drop them on each other to link them. Dropping a Particle on another Particle sets the Death Particle. 
- A Particle System can be linked to multiple emitters, but not particles 
- An Emitter can be linked to only 1 Particle System and only 1 Particle 
- A Particle can be linked to multiple emitters 
Menu and Hide/Show GUI buttons are drag-able - tap and hold to move them around.
Here's how to get them...

Windows Desktop : Downloads are available via your Sellfy account at the site you purchased TMC Particle Lab. You will also recieve an email whenever a new update is released. 

iOS: Distributed through iTunes.

Android: Distributed through Google Play

Windows Desktop Free version : I'll try to keep it updated on IndieDB and Gamemaker Player.

Current versions
Windows & Android : v0.0.91 
iOS : v0.0.80 (Update coming if Apple approves it)

Changes in v0.0.91
* Added Dynamic Workspace size - default size is now minimum 1024x768, resize Window above that to expand Workspace without scaling 
* Emitter regions now span from -1920 to 1920, both x and y 
* Fixed bug - Making a copy of an Emitter did not reset if linked to other Particle System than the first 
* Adjusted the Template loading system 
* Application surface is now disabled for better performance